How To Buy Bitcoin Stock

3 Very Simple Steps to Learn How to Buy Bitcoin Stock and Avoid the Pitfalls and Hurdles of Bitcoin Investing, Buying, Selling and Trading.

In this video, I am going to teach you how to buy bitcoin stock.

Warning and Disclaimer

I am in not way affiliated with any Bitcoin of Cryptographic organization.

This information is purely for informational purposes only.

Now that we have that out of the way… shall we begin?

0) I just want to say first and foremost, The Bitcoin industry is volatile.

Meaning, there is extreme degree of high risk involved when investing.

Investing in Bitcoin being one the most volatile type of currency or stock.

1) So first, in our lesson on How to Buy Bitcoin Stock is to answer the question below…

What the heck is Bitcoin exactly anyways?

So, the definition of bitcoin is that it is a, “type of digital currency in which computerized encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, while operating independently of a centralized bank.”

What this essentially means is, there is no central bank, government or organization, which regulates and oversees bitcoin and it’s transactions.

Some would say, this is a good thing.

This reminds me of a saying I once heard.

The saying goes, that when alternative forms of currency appear, it means, the people are distrusting of their government and its money.

Bitcoin certainly seems to be filling that role as we see world wide financial systems in such disarray.

Is this what Bitcoin is really all about?

2) The second question is: How To Buy Bitcoin Stock

In my decent into the underworld of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, I saw and learned many interesting things about getting started on how to buy bitcoin stocks.

For starters, before you can even begin buying or trading bitcoin stocks, you need whats called a Wallet.

No, not a real wallet.

But an online Wallet for your Bitcoin account.

You’ll also need to start and open another account with a company that allows your to buy, sell and trade Bitcoins.

Sort of like a Bitcoin Broker.

There’s a few companies which help Bitcoiner investors with buying, selling and trading. For complete information, please request my free report below.

These companies hold your bitcoin account information and allow you to connect a checking/debit or credit card, for purchases for Bitcoin investing.

3) And third, last, but not least on How to Buy BitCoin Stocks.

The big question is: Is it risky?

The short answer is Yes!

The long answer is a double Yes!!

But then again, investing is all about Risk.

Risk is why we get the big tax breaks and the huge returns on those risky investments.

But with that said, how much risk is simply too much?

That is a question for each investor to ask him or herself.

Everyone’s level of success and failures, wins and losses, are all different.

One person may be able to invest $10K and lose say $20K while the next person can barely afford to invest the $10K.

Even with that said, Bitcoin is a entirely different beast.

Simply because, it’s not based on any tangible physical resource or commodity.

In actuality, most of the value of Bitcoin is what is perceived by the Market (And that Market is you and I and other Bitcoiners)… The investors in this market.

But if you are prepared for the risk and have the right stops and blocks in place, who knows, bitcoin may be the investment to add to your portfolio.

With that said, no matter if you are investing in Bitcoin, NVIDA, Square or even Real Estate, you need to make sure you have a supplemental back up plan.

A second line of defense if you will.

To offset those losses incured by your investments.

Some call this Plan B.

Plan B

So as I was researching Bitcoin, and, like everyone else, I was noticing it had gotten really big in the past few months.

I mean, who can’t help but think about purchasing and hoarding a few DigiGold (colored) coins, right?

But I had a few questions for some of my Bitcoin community friends.

My question was this:

“So, every successful entrepreneur has a back up plan.

An option B, if you will.

Because, to the successful, “No” and “Failure”, doesn’t exist.

Entrepreneurship is akin to a force of nature that will finds it’s way through anything.

It’s what makes, good, dare I say, the difference between a good leader and Great Leaders.

With that in mind, I have been seeing a lot of Bitcoin usernames and profiles popping up.

People are jumping on board hard and fast.

But as we know, that doesn’t mean, they’re all making money.

We know how The Game goes.

But the truth of the matter is that some are making money with Bitcoin.

Actually, some are making a freaking killing!

I asked my Bitcoin friends the following, “…out of curiosity… answer me this, Bitcoin Miners.

What’s your backup plan if Bitcoin we’re to take a dive or dump today…

For say a significant amount of time.

Let’s say, 30-60-90-120-180 days.

And then rebounded.

What would your supplemental or backup plan be?

What’s Game B?

I originally posted this on Facebook back in December…

I am still waiting on someone… anyone to respond.

I hope you enjoyed this video and hopefully I helped explain How to Buy Bitcoin Stock .

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