Start Facebook Business Page

10 Steps To Start a Facebook Business Page

In this video we’ll go over the following:

1) Facebook Branding
2) Your Facebook Page Name
3) Facebook Content Creation
4) Share Your Content on Facebook
5) Share Your Pages on Facebook
6) Allow Customers To Share your Page on Facebook
7) Starting Groups on Facebook
8) Boost Posts on Facebook
9) Run Ads on Facebook
10) Connect to Instagram via Facebook

Benefits of a Facebook Page

1) Branding: Create a page that reflects you and your marketing message.

2) Page Name: Secure so customers can find and recognize you easily (also grab it before someone else does!)

3) Content Creation: Create articles, posts, and share information important to your customers and relevant to your audience. Show you are a pro at what you do and know!

4) Share Content: Easily share content TO your page from other sources (other peoples posts, third party articles including memes, videos and more)

5) Share your Page(s): Effortlessly share your page to other pages or even your personal profile with the click of a button.

6) Allow Customers to Share: Word of Mouth has never been easier. Allow your customers to share your page, content, memes, videos, and articles for you! Let your customers help build your Brand and Page!

7) Start Groups: Connect personally with your customers and page visitors by creating Facebook Groups. Get feedback about what they are looking for and find out what is most important to them!

8) Boost Posts: Get more followers and likes by boosting your posts. Get more eyeballs on popular topics on your page.

9) Run Ads: Expand your brand and page by running highly targeted Facebook ads.

10) Connect to Instagram: Your Facebook page can tie directly into your Instagram page. Share information back and forth with ease.

Social Media Marketing 101

Everything needed to become a Social Media Pro!

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