Facebook Business Page Tutorial

7 Tips for Starting a Business Page!

In this video, I’m going to show you my Facebook Business Page Tutorial.

In fact, I used the 7 strategies in this video to grow my first Facebook page to over 900 fans.

With that said, here what you’ll learn in today video:

Facebook Business Page Tip #1

First, I’ll show you why creating a Facebook business page is important.

Facebook Business Page Tip #2

In my second tip, I’m going to show you the benefits of a Facebook Page versus a regular profile.

Facebook Business Page Tip #3

Next, we’ll actually create a Facebook Business Page using this tutorial!

Facebook Business Page Tip #4

In the 4th tip, I’ll walk you step by step through getting your page setup and created.

Facebook Business Page Tip #5

My 5th, we’ll show you how to tweak and configure your page for the best results on Facebook.

Facebook Business Page #6

Then, I’ll explain the important sections of your Facebook Business Page to fill in.

Facebook Business Page #7

Finally, tip #7, we’ll set up Messenger for Facebook Pages. It’s like your own personal assistance and answering machine when you are away!

And as a free bonus for sticking around, I’ll show you how to add all your social media sites to your Facebook Page to get more views, likes, and followers!

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Facebook Business Page Tutorial

7 Tips for Starting a Business Page!

1) Why Create Facebook Business Page: Great way to promote your business, group, organization, or community projects.

2) Benefits of Facebook Page vs Profile: Gain likes, fans, and followers, reach more people.

3) How To Create a Facebook Business Page: Goto Facebook’s business creation page listed below.

4) How to Choose a Facebook Business Page Name: Choose a name that represents you, your business, group, organization, or community project.

5) How to Customize Your Facebook Business Page Name: Don’t worry about filling in all the areas of your page. Just complete the About and Categories section

6) Important Sections of Facebook Business Page: Image Header, About Section, default categories, and your website

7) Facebook Messenger: Chat, receive messages, and interact with visitors to your page through Facebook messenger.

Bonus Tip #8

8) Extra Contact Info: Add your social media marketing sites, phone number, and email address.

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